Another way of doing business and create software

At DevsDNA we believe another way of doing business and create software is possible. Unfortunately, our contemporary society lacks transparency, ethics, principles, and a moral compass.

DevsDNA was founded with these values in mind. We want to work ethically, be transparent with our customers and employees, and do our best to generate win-win situations and relationships that are not only commercial, but also trustworthy and long-term.

One of our most important values is to have a great team: highly motivated people who at all times take pride in and enjoy their work. Our customers make up a basic part of our team  -not an external one but rather an integral part of everything we do. Making our clients proud of working with us and happy with the result of the projects we develop with them is a key concept for us.


Our Skills

We are highly specialized in mobile and desktop high-performance applications. We have a proven track record in SCADA systems, tracking applications and social-networks connectivity.

Xamarin - 100%
Windows Phone - 95%
Windows 10 - 90%
Desktop - 85%
C# - 100%
Our Services
Our development team is made up of Microsoft MVPs, Xamarin MVPs, Xamarin Certified Mobile developers, Xamarin Community Speakers, Xamarin Student Ambassadors and Microsoft Certified Professionals. + more
We love to help our customer’s developers to reach new quality and operation success levels, training them in the mobile development practices or agile practices we use every day. + more
Sometimes training is not enough and our customers need our help learning about new technology in the kick-start of a project. + more
Meet Our Team
Beatriz Márquez CEO
Yeray Julián Technical lead
Ciani Afonso Senior mobile developer
Marco Antonio Blanco Senior Mobile developer
José Manuel Montero Senior Mobile developer