We are highly specialized in mobile and desktop high-performance applications

Meet our team

Our team is made up of Microsoft MVPs, Xamarin MVPs, Xamarin Certified Mobile developers, Xamarin Community
Speakers, Xamarin Student Ambassadors and Microsoft Certified Professionals.
Beatriz Márquez Heredia / CEO

I am an entrepreneur who loves carrying out business and administrative tasks. This melds with my passion for technology to start this new venture. I truly believe a new way of doing things is possible. Yoga practitioner and mother of three beautiful children.

Yeray Julian Ferreiro / Technical lead

Husband and father of three., invested the last fourteen years in Microsoft technologies, and the last three years playing with Xamarin and Windows Development. I was a Windows Phone MVP; now I am a Windows Platform MVP, Xamarin MVP and C# Corner MVP.

Ciani Afonso Díaz / Senior mobile developer

I've been programming with Microsoft technologies for last ten years, I developed complex GPS tracking systems, insurance software, mobile apps (I was one of the winner of AppCampus prize) and more. I am always learning.

Marco Antonio Blanco / Senior Mobile developer

I grew up with a 486, modifying the scoring file of the Columns game with Wordperfect to win my brother. Now i want to learn the .net world where i started with Xamarin and i always go looking for the horizon. The competition against technologies will never end.

José Manuel Montero / Senior Mobile developer

.NET developer from 8 years ago. Mobile apps developer lover since Windows Mobile time. Working with Xamarin last 4 years, always trying to learn something new. Also i'm a clown, always trying to put a smile in everybody face :)


We are highly specialized in mobile and desktop high-performance applications. We have a proven track record in SCADA systems, tracking applications, and social-networks connectivity. We keep training every day to better ourselves, fulfill your needs, and get to the next level in quality and excellence.

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