We offer different services to fulfill its customer needs


At DevsDNA we are committed to providing a high quality development process, both for our customers and for ourselves. We believe a better way of creating software exists and strive to better ourselves every day.

To make this possible, our developers are constantly training themselves. From online courses to Xamarin University Courses and Microsoft Certifications, we try to stay up-to-date to offer our customers the best and most accurate information in every step of the development.

At DevsDNA, agile is at our core. We use SCRUM to organize the day-to-day of every project, small or large, to be able to deliver applications to our customers in a regular basis, giving them the opportunity to give feedback in early stages of development and tailoring the final product to their real needs. To do this, the project is stripped down in different iterations with a defined duration of two weeks, meaning when an iteration ends, our customer get usable and valuable versions of the app, so they can use it and give feedback to the development team. This feedback is prioritized both by the team and the customer and included in subsequent iterations.

This way of creating software reduces the uncertainty of large projects because traditionally the customer does not see the product until it is nearly finished.

Community The developer community is at our heart and we love to help the communities around us. If you want someone from our dev team go to an event your community is organizing, just ping us at with the subject “Community event” and we will do our best to be there to talk about what we love: coding for mobile devices!


Every developer at DevsDNA is an active community participant. We love to spread the word about the technologies we use, so our developers are experienced speakers and communicators. With this in mind, we love to help our customers' developers to reach new quality and operation success levels, training them in the mobile development practices or agile practices we use every day. We can help developer teams learn about:
  • Windows Store and Windows Phone development
  • iOS and Android Development with Xamarin
  • WPF development
  • Agile & SCRUM methodologies
  • Xamarin Test Cloud
  • Unit testing
  • Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) using Microsoft tools


Sometimes the training is not enough and our customers need our help to learn new technology in the kick-start of a project.

In these cases, one of our developers could be in our customer's offices helping their internal developer teams start the project, implement SCRUM or introduce ALM techniques in the development process. The mentoring, combined with previous training leads to a successful project start.

Another situation in which the mentoring could be a great investment is when an already started project need help with advanced debugging and optimizations. Our developers have experience in optimizing and debugging mobile applications and WPF desktop applications, or even making migrations from old technology projects to state-of-the-art technology.