21 February 2017

Last week: Xamarin and HoloLens

From monday to friday I spent last week introducing Xamarin, by one side, and HoloLens, by the other one.

First part of the week Oriol and I visited Clibb, a software factory located at Lleida, whose team already work with Xamarin but wanted us to cover from Android and iOS to DevOps, going through Forms too. I had a “zen moment”, named by Oriol, when I was explaining why DevOps is important to give as much value as possible to our customers, and how this impacts in our own happiness too.

Second one, I gave an overview of HoloLens’ capabilities with UWP and Unity at Birchman, Clibb’s parent company. Assistants where most of them Team Leads, and we tried together to clarify which sort of things can be figured out with HoloLens nowadays. We all both agree on the need of a larger display in the glasses as the primary issue to workaround, but one of the attendees had a clever idea: why don’t we simply put a frame which recalls recording cameras’ viewport? For me it was a sample of a bad thing made opportunity. Loved it.

We at DevsDNA have a high commitment with education, if you or your company think we could help there to make more beautiful, usable, better mobile apps, just let us know.

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