XFBehaviors 0.1
28 January 2016

XFBehaviors 0.1

Just pushed the red button on v0.1 of XFBehaviors. This version has some improvements:

  • Added a new behavior: EffectsBehavior.
  • Refactorized BindableProperty to use a different constructor, generic one is marked as obsolete in Xamarin.Forms 2.1.
  • Updated to use Xamarin.Forms 2.1 pre2.
  • Added new sample about how to use EffectsBehavior.
  • Enabled compiled XAML for Sample App.



The new EffectsBehavior is a good way of being able to add effects to your controls without need to do it in code, doing it directly on your XAML. It has two properties: EffectsGroupName, where you can put the ResolutionGroupName given to your effects, and EffectName, to put the name of the effect you want to use:

Easy and without need to use code behind to add new effects. As a plus, i made a little basic BorderEffect to showcase the behavior.

NuGet package

With this version i generated a release mode NuGet package ready to use in your applications, so you don't need to download the code and compile or include in your projects. Take a look at it at NuGet:


Source code

You can find the updated source code in GitHub:


If you would like to see any new behavior or need help, don't hesitate contacting us posting a comment.

Happy Coding!


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